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Welcome to Accelerate

Accelerate is a platform for the acceleration of go-to market in the ICT-industry. Accelerate is an ITEA2 -project (www.itea3.org) running from September 2013 until November 2016. The participating organizations of Accelerate can be found here.

The Accelerate project will focus on the “European Paradox” – great science, poor marketable innovations. The aim of the Accelerate project is to create services to accelerate the speed from ideas to business, based on the needs of the European technological industry. The services will be implemented in technological innovations, streamlined processes and new software technologies.

Accelerate @Twitter: https://twitter.com/accelerateproj

Accelerate @Slideshare: www.slideshare.net/accelerateproject

Accelerate @YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPFiBlHhqjqSLc3d6RXlY-g


8 June 2017
Results page updated. New Journal paper (Still, K., 2017) and new Conference paper (Hemilä, J., 2017).

2 May 2017
Results page updated. Two new conference presentations at the end of the list.

24 January 2017
Results page updated. Link to Acceleration self-test tool added. New "Journal paper" at the end of the list (Wallin, A.)

23 November 2016
Events page updated. Uusi tapahtuma 18.1.2017: Yhteistoimintatalouden tulevaisuutta etsimässä

7 October 2016
Results page updated. Master's thesis (Grun, A.) added. Two conference presentations at the end of the list (Albats, E. et al.)

28 September 2016
Results page updated. New "Journal paper" (Wallin, A. et al.)



ITEA2 is a EUREKA cluster programme stimulating and supporting R & D projects that will give European industry a leading edge in the area of Software-intensive Systems and Services (SiS). SiS are a vital driver of innovation in Europe’s most competitive industries, such as the automotive industry, aerospace, communications technologies, healthcare and consumer electronics.